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I’m Steven McMurray, I’m 33 and have been Plumbing since I was 17.
In 2017 I got married to my wife, welcomed my amazing daughter into the world and bought a house to grow our family. In the middle of all of this going on I managed to start my own business and even though it was a slow start as it wasn’t the priority a lot of the time that year, I managed to get it up and running and we have adjusted perfectly with a balance of work and family life and I couldn’t be happier. Wish I had done it sooner!

Over the years I have had experience in domestic maintenance, real estate /strata, commercial and construction plumbing.
I lived in the London for 2.5 years doing handyman work and Plumbing which was eye opening and gave me more experience and widened my skills.
I worked for a remedial building company for 4 years doing their plumbing and everything in between. There I gained invaluable skills and knowledge especially waterproofing, detailing and concrete repairs which help with plumbing.

Besides getting my trade qualifications and my plumbers licence, I also did backflow prevention and TMV (thermostatic mixing valves) courses.

I aim for perfection, (the nearest 1/2 a millimetre! Haha), as much as it annoys some people I don’t care, I just can’t aim for very close enough.. Why not aim for exactly!?