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Blocked drains are a nuisance and can be difficult to clear. Our mobile Hydro Jet blaster is capable of clearing some of the most stubborn blocked drains and we can be at your place in minutes.

All You Need To Know About Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing emergencies reported. Most home owners tend to ignore the small tell tale signs and before they know it, they are in dire need of emergency plumbing services to unblock their drains. From grease-coated pipes to collapsed lines, blocked drains are a huge health hazard if not handled on time. Ignoring a blocked drain can turn out to be nasty, with raw sewage spewing all over your property. This post intends to enlighten you on signs on a blocked drain, its causes,and methods to prevent the frequent blockages.

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Here are some signs of a blocked drain within your home;

  • Gurgling toilets, sinks,and showers are a common indicator that the pipes aren’t functioning correctly.
  • Rising sinks and bathtubs with frequent overflows also indicate a blockage in your drains.
  • Awful, pungent smell coming from the drain grid. The smell does not typically go away.
  • Slow draining sinks and showers also indicate a blocked line in your plumbing system.
  • Blocked toilets are a sign that you need to get your plunger out, or call your local plumber to handle the situation.

Common causes of blocked drains;

From food waste dropped into the drain to dirt and leaves in drains after a massive storm; there are many reasons you could be experiencing blocked drains. Getting an understanding of what causes the cloggy mess in your property gives you an opportunity to deal with the recurrent nuisance. Here are the common causes of blocked drains;

  1. Hair

The build-up of hair on the shower and bathtub drains clogs the pipes fairly easily. If not removed early enough, the clog causes a huge mess down the line. Though it commonly affects those with long hair, a build-up of short hair in your pipes may cause blockages with time.

  1. Tree roots

Roots from your garden plants and trees are a common cause of blocked drains that we witness. The roots penetrate through the tiny cracks of your pipes and grow within. These roots end up clogging the whole drainage,and your water never flows down to the sewers.

  1. Toiletries

There is a common trend of throwing toiletries such as sanitary pads, baby nappies, wet wipes, tissues and make-up wipes down the toilet drain. These products lodged into your drain then form a nasty plug in your pipes. These products are difficult to deal with and may require an expert plumber to get rid of them.

  1. Food waste and grease

Most people are fond of flushing down the vegetable waste and fruit peels in the kitchen sinks. This food waste combines to form a thick mash that ends up blocking your lines. Warm grease that you pour down the drain cools and coagulates forming a plug that traps other materials.

  1. Foreign Objects

Children giggle happily as their toy swirls in the water and get flushed down the drain. What may seem as fun and games may end up being a nasty toilet block that damages your pipes and costs you a fortune in repairs. The flushed stuff animals cause blocks within the lines and sewer drain that may require professional plumbers to remove.

  1. Dirt and debris

Storms and heavy rainwater wash a lot of soil and fallen leaves into your drains. This dumping of dirt through the drain grid may cause blockages that may wreak havoc to your plumbing system.

There are various causes of clogging in drains and pipes. It’s prudent to consult a plumbing expert to ascertain the immediate cause of your blocked drains. Most reputable plumbers have CCTV cameras that can be dropped down your drains to inspect the pipes and identify the cause.

Methods to prevent blocked up drains.

In every field, prevention is better than cure, and plumbing is no exception. Here are some ways to prevent frequent clog in pipes and drains;

  • Have a dedicated dustbin for your food waste.
  • Regularly flush your sinks and bathtubs with hot water
  • Install drain catchers in your baths and showers to trap hair. Also, remove the hair build up frequently to prevent blocking the drain.
  • Always throw toiletries in bins rather than toilets bowls
  • Periodically clear your gutters and keep your garden neat and tidy

For all your blocked drains needs, consult us at McMurray Plumbing. We are a reputable company that has been serving residents of Hills District and surrounding areas. We offer fast, affordable and professional blocked drain unclogging services. Feel free to reach out to us today on 0400 400 200 for all your emergency unclogging works.

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