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How to Hire the Perfect Gas Fitter

Gas appliances are a part and parcel of our day to day lives; whether for heating our homes, cooking, hot showers, and so on. And even as we bask in the convenience and comfort that these appliances offer, it is always recommended that we observe the highest safety standards. Mind you, each year in Australia, there are numerous fires and injuries that are caused by faulty LPG gas appliances and connections.

As a homeowner, you have a duty to ensure that all your gas connections are safe and that the gas appliances aren’t faulty. In this guide, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know before picking a gas fitter. The law is very clear, that all gas and heating repairs/installations must be done by a qualified and certified gas plumber. But that’s not all! There are a few things you should always have at your fingertips.

Common gas appliances; some of the commonest gas appliances in Australian homes include a gas oven, gas cook-top, gas heater, gas refrigerator, gas hot water heaters, to mention but a few. While these appliances come with a warranty, the gas pipes and tubes are bound to get worn out with time and usage. There’ll be storms and other factors that will cause damage to the gas piping system. Quick tip; in order to be on the safe side, don’t always wait until you can smell gas from a distance, before calling an emergency gas plumber. Nay! Rather, get a reliable company that will be doing occasional checks and inspections so that any problems are detected early and fixed.

Know the real problem; when it comes to gas safety, there are three things you should always distinguish; installation, servicing, and repairing. In most cases, gas fitting companies offer all the three services under one roof. Remember our previous point where we spoke of regular checks and inspections? This is the servicing part of it; a competent gasfitter will notice any abnormally that needs to be fixed. You’ll also be informed well on time in case you need to replace the gas pipes and other accessories. Between installation and repairing, most homeowners tend to ignore the servicing part until it’s too late.

Getting a qualified gas fitter; gas fitting is a delicate task that entails ensuring that every noose and cranny where the pipes pass through are carefully checked. The risk of ignition and explosions pose a clear and present danger anytime you hire a quack or half-baked gasfitter. In that regard, ensure that you pick a qualified and certified gas fitter who’ll do the fitting to Australian standards. According to the Home Building Act 1980, anyone seeking to conduct gas fitting tasks in NSW must be licensed; DIY connections are illegal! Fines of up to $ 2,750 can be imposed for infringing on this Act.

Cheap can be expensive; often, there are numerous gasfitters who’ll offer their services and each will claim to be the best. Others will give nice offers and discounts in the form of lowered prices for their services. Well, when hiring a gasfitter, price should be the last thing in your mind; competency and qualifications should be the guiding principles. In instances where compliance certificates need to be completed, such a gasfitter ought to be able to do so without any qualms. Once the gasfitter is able to prove their competency and certification to do gas fitting, you can now negotiate on a fair pricing for the work ahead. Whether it’s fixing a faulty tempering valve or a thermostatic mixing valve in a Rinnai hot water heater or a Rheem water heater, it doesn’t matter! A qualified gas plumber ought to be able to fix either without breaking much sweat.

Availability and flexibility; just like plumbing, heating problems have a habit of cropping up when we least expect them. Can you imagine your home heating system going down in the middle of the painfully cold winter? Or your gas oven malfunctioning just days before you host your mates and colleagues for a BBQ in your backyard? All these are instances of emergencies where a gasfitter would be your only solution. You want someone who’s just a phone call away, someone who’ll respond to your emergency ASAP. Gas emergencies don’t understand that it’s a weekend or a public holiday. In that regard, always pick a gasfitter who’s available on short notice, flexible enough to attend to your issue promptly.

For all your gas fitting needs, feel free to contact us anytime of the day and night. We’re a professional gas fitting company offering 24/7 services; we do gas installations, gas repairs, and gas servicing at very affordable prices. Sit back and let our highly qualified and competent gas plumbers fix everything that needs to get fixed!