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Steve is an absolute legend! Thumbs up on the service and quality of the job. No issues and very prompt with everything. 20/10 would recommend. He NEEDS to be your go to plumber for any kind of job. 2 months ago
Steven certainly took his time and didnt rush in completing multiple jobs for us. He was professional and took the time and care to leave both bathrooms exactly as he had found them. Excellent service and would recommend without hesitation. Will call him for any future plumbing needs. 6 months ago
Highly recommend Steve, came on time and completed the job quickly and charged a fair price. What a great young man. Will certainly use him again and recommend him to my family. We live in KIngs Langley, so nice to have a true local plumber. 8 months ago
Would highly recommend Steve for any of your plumbing requirements. Likeable, efficient and did a great job installing our new taps in the laundry. Priced fairly and came to the job when promised. Don't waste your time looking around the high flying corporate plumbing groups when here is a local, honest hard working individual that is capable of handling any plumbing job you need. 8 months ago
Very happy with service , Honest, reliable, Very friendly Highly recommended Thanks Steve for great job. 11 months ago
Very happy with service , Honest, reliable, Very friendly Highly recommended Thanks Steve for great job. 11 months ago
My hot water system is not working in the morning, called a plumber who did not fix the issue. Googled and found Steve with good customer feedback. Rang Steve and explained the issue and he straight away scheduled the job even he has to pick up his daughter. Steve came to the property in an hour and fixed problem, even sent me the photoes as I was at work. What a great job!!! 1 year ago
Steve did a fantastic job, was easy to communicate with and dealt with the whole job in an extremely professional and efficient manner. Worked with a very reasonable and honest price. Highly recommended! 1 year ago

Need A Local Hot Water Service Technician?

Got a Hot Water System that needs hooking up?

McMurray Plumbing are experts in hot water installations and repairs. We can handle all your hot water plumbing, Gas fitting for gas hot water systems and electrical hookup.

Hot water installation is a vital investment in your property.

  • It requires skills and experience to do a perfect job, without worrying about future burst ups.
  • Faulty installations could cause harm to your family or damage to your property. It is, therefore, a no-brainer that you will require a credible and trusted company to carry out your setup.

But how do you get to choose the ideal Hot water installation company? This post provides you with excellent tips to look out for when settling for the perfect plumber.

Tips To Choosing The Perfect Plumber For Your Hot Water Installations

Taking a little time off your busy schedule to search for the right hot water plumbing company saves you money and unnecessary headaches. It also keeps you from requiring repairs soon after installation. These cues will point you to the right dealer for you:

1. Licensing;

Is your plumber licensed? This is the basic rule for picking out that plumber. A reputable hot water installation company will have the right credentials and licenses from the authorities. Does the firm have certified certificates of competency? Does it adhere to the Plumbing Code? Are the plumbers in the firm accredited?
The licenses ought to be well displayed in their offices and websites. It creates confidence in you that they have the technical know-how and expertise to do a perfect installation for you.

2. Experience

How long has the company been in business? Experience is a major factor in acquiring the right installer for your hot water. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a gas hot water system or an electrical system. The company must have operated long enough to do an exemplary job. You wouldn’t wish someone trying out their novice plumbing skills on your home, would you?
A company that has been in operation for a longer period has a proven track record. It also assures you that they will be present when you need to collect your warranty offers. It saves you a great deal from startups waiting to learn their mistakes from your home.

3. Pricing

What is the fee surcharged for the installation? The firm you choose should be transparent in their pricing. Never allow a plumber to work on your home if they are not upfront about their prices. In our many years of service, we’ve seen customers decry the hidden charges that they are forced to bear.
Be on the lookout of vague pricing. Feel free to take at least five quotes and estimates from different companies. It may provide you with a rough idea of the average price for a job well done. But again, remember cheap can be expensive. Conduct your due diligence to find the appropriate pricing, based on your budget and the nature of task at hand.

4. Insurance;

Are the plumbers insured or bonded? Accidents occur now and then in every industry and plumbing is no exception. Hot water installations can easily go wrong. The plumbing company you pick must be insured. The insurance ought to go further than the general liability. It should also cover for the workman’s compensation. The cover will not only protect your home but also cover technicians working on the hot water plumbing.

5. Referrals and References

A good plumbing company thrives on referrals. Most companies keep a record of their referrals and client comments about their work. It will ease your burden in identifying the ideal company for your installations. Excellent customer reviews about their services point to a healthier relationship between the company and their clients. Complaints and negative comments show that the experience may not pan out as you wish.

A quick way to acquire references is through your family and friends. They may direct you towards an installation company that did a fantastic job for them. Definitely ask for the pricing and whether they had a wonderful experience. Having a referral from people you trust is great.

6. Guarantees

Does the firm provide warranty for installation services provided? Reputable companies offer guarantees to their clients as a sign of good faith. Backing up the installation with a warranty proves that the company will be back to fix the plumbing systems if problems arise. Most companies strive to place their customer’s satisfaction at the forefront.

In Summary;

Faulty installations and plumbing take away your property’s value. We at McMurray plumbing understand the importance of maintaining your property’s worth. We are a professional plumbing company that has over 15 years’ experience serving residents of NSW, especially around Hills District