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Need Your Blocked Drain Cleared in The Hills Shire?

Locally based Plumber Steve McMurray is on call 24×7 to respond to all your blocked drain emergencies in the Hills District and surrounding suburbs. Clearing smelly and blocked sewers, toilets, showers and sinks is a specialty for Steve and our high pressure drain snake water jetter has the ability to find all the hard to reach places and clear the toughest of objects.

We have the tools and equipment to handle any type of blockage, including:

✔ Blocked Sewer
✔ Gurgling drains
✔ Overflowing drains
✔ Odorous smelly drains
✔ Blocked toilets
✔ Blocked showers

Using a Water Pressure jetter to unblock drains

A blockage can occur at any point in a drain and this is often in an area that is underground, under a concrete slab, or any other inaccessible area. The only way to reach these areas is by running a thin high-pressure hose down into the plumbed pipe and dislodge the blockage via jet blasting. Pressure jetting machines have many different names including, jet blaster, hydro jetter, high pressure water jet, or just water jet. All mean the same thing, and our mobile pressure jetter can be at your place within minutes to manage your blocked drain emergency.

Unclogging Blocked Drains in Hills District

Is your drain clogged or blocked? Are you stressed up and looking for emergency unclogging services in Hills District? Welcome home, McMurray Plumbing is your professional and reliable partner for all your plumbing needs; we’re a family-run plumbing company that has been serving Residents of Hills District for over 15 years.
Contact us today and make your drainage problems a thing of the past. We are ready to listen to your queries and provide comprehensive blocked drains solutions.
We’re only a phone call away, kindly get in touch; 0404 400 200.

On-time response; We at McMurray plumbing understand that ignoring a clogged drain can quickly escalate to a full-blown plumbing disaster. Our quick response to your emergency will not only minimize the damage to your lines but also save your wallet from a considerable dent. Our emergency team is always on high alert awaiting your call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Qualified Experienced Plumber; Over the 15 years we’ve been in business, our crew has accumulated invaluable experience and expertise that comes in handy when solving your cloggy mess. All our plumbers are highly trained and licensed, ever adhering to the Plumbing Code of Australia. Feel free to give us a call and we promise to provide you with the best plumbing service ever, in the friendliest way possible.

Consultancy services; when it comes to clogged sewers and drains, there’s no one-size fits it all. When contacted, our expert technicians will confidently assess your pipes and drains and provide targeted fixes for every scenario. We offer a wide range of drain clearing services including hydro blasting, plunging, commercial snaking, chemical draining, pipe location and CCTV drain inspection. As a client, we’ll offer free tips and advice on site, on how to keep your drains clean and devoid of any foreign objects that cause the perpetual cycle of blockages in most Australian homes.

State-of-the-Art Tools and Equipment; In the interest of offering exemplary services to you, we at McMurray plumbing have invested in modern and efficient equipment. Our fleet of vans is well-equipped with the necessary tools to deal with the hefty deposits and debris clogging your pipes. Whether its food scraps that are blocking your kitchen sinks or tree roots penetrating your cracking pipes, our mechanical drain cleaner and sewer jetters will clean the lines within no time.

5 Reasons you can never go wrong with McMurray Plumbing;

✔ Excellent customer service, we’re reachable 24/7.
✔ Fair and competitive rates for excellent services.
✔ Prompt response to your blocked drains emergencies.
✔ Licensed experts to carry out perfect work for you.
✔ Integrity, courtesy and professionalism when serving you.

A blocked drain should be treated with the urgency it deserves. McMurray Plumbing takes great pleasure in serving you and especially when you have emergency cases of a blocked drain. Don’t wait a second longer, don’t put up with the stench of a blocked sewer, toilet; call us and we’ll be there in an hour. Residents of Hills District and the immediate environs, McMurray Plumbing got all your plumbing needs and problems covered!