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Leak Detection

Is the continuous drip of a leaking pipe driving you mad? Have your water bills skyrocketed to unimaginable levels, again? If this is the case then there is a fair chance you are experiencing a plumbing leak within your property!

Water leaks can cause extensive damage to property if not found and repaired in time. Even worse, if you are employing some kind of regular plumbing maintenance schedule, some leaks can go unnoticed for months on end. They may lay hidden under concrete slabs, within your walls and even under floorboards.

Guess what? Your solution is here. Our experienced plumbing crew with their ultra-modern equipment is able to find the leaks faster and carry out a repair plan immediately.

Check to See if you Have a Plumbing Leak

How do you know if you have a plumbing leak? When searching for the source of your water leak our experience over the years has shown that there are certain ‘hotspots’ in plumbing lines notorious for water leaks. These may include;

  • Dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers and other appliance fittings
  • Around your water mains meter
  • Drainage and sewer pipes
  • Where the pipes join at the hot water system (HWS)
  • Showerheads, taps, sinks and other plumbing fixtures
  • Along the water pipe to the main building

Are you suspecting you have a leak? Here are some of the common indicators:

  • Damp spots around the garden, walls and floors
  • Hissing sounds or dripping sounds within your walls or ceilings
  • A continuously spinning water meter even with no water use in the house
  • Discoloration in your walls, benchtops and cabinets. Could also include swelling and warping
  • Unexplainable increase in your water bill

Find Water Leaks with Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging has the ability to find all hidden cracks and leaks in your water piping system. It will find even the tiniest of cracks within your walls and floors. You will be able to arrest the problem early enough before significant damage has occurred on your property.

The Sewer or Stormwater Drain Leak

Leaks within your sewers can be potentially dangerous. The leak will release water to the surrounding soil patch, which runs the risk of spewing raw sewage out. A crack in your drains might also attract plant and tree roots to grow towards it as a source of water. This might end up blocking the whole drainage pipe with entangled roots within which are difficult to get rid of.

Our crew is equipped with CCTV drain cameras which allow us to uncover potential leaks in your sewers. Once detected a pipe patching plan is hatched and quickly executed to reduce chances of having to deal with the stench of raw sewage in your garden.

For all your water leak detection and subsequent repair needs, feel free to call McMurray Plumbing on 0404 400 200.