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Dishwasher Installation

Why do I need to install a dishwasher?

You can definitely wash dishes without any machine to help you but for busy people, finding time and energy to do so on top of other responsibilities can be hard. Installing a dishwasher simply eliminates that inconvenience especially when you’re running a large household. You’re less likely to break plates which reduces the risk of accidents and amount of worry. It is also more sanitary because your kitchen wares have the least contact with human hands. Best of all, your water consumption becomes regulated and more efficient which helps reduce your utility bills.

Can I install a dishwasher myself?

On-line retailers or home improvement centers often lack installation services for new dishwashers. Unless you have sufficient knowledge in plumbing, it’s recommended to seek help from a professional who can properly set up your appliance and address any issues that may arise during the process. This also keeps your home insurance from being void due incidents caused by unlicensed intervention.


Do I need a plumber or repairman to install a dishwasher?

Installing a dishwasher in your existing cabinets should be fine since new units now have a standard measurement that goes with most of them. However, you have to alter your cabinets if you decide to switch sizes which will require the expertise of a handyman to fit your dishwasher.

Most handymen lack the proper experience when handling dishwasher installation which can have a negative impact on your home especially when irreversible water damage results from an improper set-up. Unlicensed installations can void your home insurance as well so you may end up losing more money in the event of an accident.

Hiring licensed plumbers like McMurray Plumbing to handle your dishwasher set up is the ideal choice since we’re made up professional with years of experience compared to your local handyman. You can feel at ease knowing that we can get the job done according to regulations in no time at all.

What Does it Cost to Have a Dishwasher Installed?

Simple installations range from $150 to $200 while any additional labor and needed parts such as replacement taps can increase the cost up to $450 or more.

McMurray Plumbing Installation of Dishwasher Guarantee

It is important to us that we deliver the best customer experience to our clients which is why we have set up a list of promises to carry out:

  • You get paid if we’re late so we will always arrive on time
  • We are not a simple franchise but a locally owned business
  • Our workplace will be kept tidy since we clean up after ourselves
  • Upfront quotes will always be provided to prevent any hidden fees
  • A courtesy call will be made at least an hour before we arrive
  • During normal business hours call out fees are waived

Dishwasher installation in Sydney

You should only let certified professionals maintain your water systems since it’s one of the most expensive elements of a house. Our licensed plumber has been providing quality service all around Blacktown and the Hills District so you can be certain that your plumbing system is in good hands.

For dishwasher installation, expert advice or any plumbing needs you have, trust only McMurray Plumbing. Call us today at 0488 801 003 or use our online booking request form to find out why we became the most trusted name in water systems maintenance in the region!

How to Install or replace a dishwasher

Essential Tools Include:

  • Connector kit for you new dishwasher
  • Set of screwdrivers
  • Adjustable wrench or channel-lock pliers
  • Joint compound for pipes
  • Cord for electric appliances
  • Wire attachments if they’re not included in the kit
  1. Determine if the power is out by using the voltage detector then place something under the dishwasher to keep it from scratching the floor, like a plywood.
  2. Lay it face down so you can see the back and confirm that all the connections are present. It’s okay if some water comes out because most manufacturers test the unit beforehand.
  3. Connect the drain line to the dishwasher then secure the clamp to the hose using pliers.
  4. Lead the drain line into the hole under the sink then carefully situate the dishwasher under the sink and level it against the counter-top using a wrench before securing it with screws.
  5. Check again that the power is still off then attach the same-color wires to the back of the dishwasher, secure the wire connectors in between and wrap it several times with electric tape. Under the green round screw place the copper ground wire then tighten it.
  6. Attach the dishwasher supply line to dishwasher 90 then secure it using a wrench.
    Start the water flow under the sink, connect the plumbing system and the drain line before tightening the hose around it.
  7. Put the power back on and check if the unit works.

Dishwasher installation kit

Except for the dishwasher 90 which is a 90 degree brass adapter that connects the pipe flat against your dishwasher, most of the essential parts should be included in your connection kit along with a manual. Dishwasher 90 can be purchased from your local home improvement store if it’s absent from the provided materials.