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Our Routine Maintenance Services

Having been in the industry for more than a decade, we have the necessary expertise and tools to offer a variety of services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our services range from wastewater systems reviews to backflow and hot water inspections.

Drainage system maintenance– Blocked drains and sewers occur at the most inconvenient moments causing grave inconveniences. Our crew is able to schedule a routine maintenance check for your drains and sewer lines. These include a CCTV inspection and mechanical drain cleaners which help you prevent your drains from getting clogged.

Backflow system testing and inspection– Our plumbers perform an annual check-up on your backflow preventing device. The inspection is thorough with a certificate of compliance offered thereafter.

Storm Water maintenance solutions– We offer to look into your stormwater drains for blockages and silt accumulation. This package includes drain clearing, storm water pit inspection and on-site storm water detection (OSD) pit cleaning.

Hot water systems inspection– Our Gas Safe certified plumbers check your hot water systems. They get to inspect the storage tanks and anodes for defects and provide a report. They also check the temperature settings and if the pressure valve is still functioning correctly.

Water sampling– Our team is able to perform regular tests on the water for waterborne bacteria. Our experience has shown us a significant number of bacterial colonies such as Legionella, giardia and cryptosporidium.

Grease traps and wastewater pre-treatment systems– Regular inspection of industrial and commercial drainage systems prevents accumulation grease and the resulting blockage.

Storm Water and sewer pump inspection– We routinely inspect the stormwater drainage and sewer piping together with the pump components. The maintenance can be performed between shifts to avoid interruption of your business operations. Added:

Roof and gutter cleaning– We clean debris off your gutters and gutter valleys. Our professional artisans are also able to perform an inspection of your entire roof and provide a comprehensive report on their findings.

Plumbing Maintenance Services across Sydney NSW

Based in the hills shire in north western sydney, McMurray plumbing are ideally located for fast response times and providing scheduled maintenance across the entire region. For your own tailored routine maintenance program, feel free to call Steve McMurray 0404 400 200 today.