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Blocked Sewer

Common Causes For Blocked Sewer Lines

Blocked sewers are every homeowner’s worst nightmare, quite literally. The horrible stench, the stagnant water/waste leaking out; it’s a scenario that warrants emergency plumbing services. Have a look at this quick guide on everything you need to know about blocked sewers;

  • To understand how to deal with the blocked sewer line, you must have basic knowledge of sewer systems.
  • The drains within your property connect to a house trap which connects to the main sewer line.
  • The main sewer line then carries the wastewater from various households to the town/city sewers.
  • A clog within the main sewers affects the entire drainage system in your home.

Who is responsible for the sewers?

Most city sewer lines are the responsibility of the water and sanitation company providers. They are responsible for the repair and maintenance of these drains. However, for all sewer lines and drains within your property, the responsibility for maintenance falls on you.

So, how do you identify a sewer choke?

Signs of a blocked Sewer Drain

When blockage in a sewer line occurs, all water within the household does not leave the property. The water searches for the easiest route out of the block. Overflows in the lowest plumbing fixtures in your home will be the first indicators. Other common symptoms of clogging include:

  • Gurgling drains or toilets
  • Slowly draining sinks and bathtubs
  • Overflowing outdoor trap gullies
  • Smelly drains and sewer lines

If you suspect a blocked sewer drain, it’s advisable that you call in professional plumbers who will inspect your lines to find out the exact cause of the obstruction.

Common Causes Of Blocked Sewers

There are many causes of sewer drain blockages. Increased technology use in the plumbing sector has allowed the use of HD CCTV cameras. The cameras are snaked down sewer lines to identify precisely the cause of the clog. It is vital in determining the perfect method for the drain clearing. Some common reasons of blocked sewers encountered are;

  1. Tree roots

The main sewer lines are located outside your property where root invasion by garden plants is a common problem. The sewer line draining water from your household provides an excellent source of minerals and water for the plants. The roots invade the sewer line through tiny cracks and continue to grow within. The roots can grow and fill the entire sewer line causing a huge block.

To deal with the root infestation within your main sewer, the professional plumber may use a mechanical drain cleaner. This machine has an electric motor that twists a spiral blade that cuts through the roots. The root remains are then flushed out with the flow of water.

You may also opt for a hydrojet blaster. This machine uses a powerful pump to send high-pressured water of about 4000 psi down the drain through a nozzle. The high pressure cuts through the roots and flushes them away down the line.

  1. Clogged house trap.

A house trap is a U-shaped plumbing fitting that is used to prevent odours and water from city sewers from backing up to your home. A blocked house trap is a common cause of clogged sewers which is easily corrected. When foreign materials get trapped in the belly of the house trap, the sewer system ceases to function.

A professional plumber should be contacted who will perform a proper investigation of the cause of the clogged house trap. They ought to open the public sewer line and ensure its flowing. The plumber should remove the obstruction manually and not flush it down the city sewers as it may cause further complications down the line.

  1. Grease build-up

Accumulation of grease is common, not only in household drains but also in the main sewer lines. The grease forms a huge plug that traps other materials that cause the clogging. The grease build up can be contained by using the mechanical drain machine which chips away the blockage. The plumber may also use a hydro blasting but with a degreasing nozzle. The high pressure will cut through the grease and flush it down the line.

  1. Collapsed drains.

They are commonly caused by vehicles which cause cracked pipes and drains to collapse thus blocking the line. The brokensewer or misaligned drain can only be replaced with a new one for practical solutions. This can be done using a pipe locator and replacing the affected line.

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